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Data Capture and what it means for you

We apply progressive Data Capture cleaning systems at all customer locations, including offices, lodge parks, caravan parks etc. The innovative use of this technology means Godfrey Group Facilities has advanced other UK companies within the industry. All staff are in constant communication with reception, with each other and the site manager electronically.
Data Capture, which is essentially a chip, can be used to track our smart housekeeping’s progress throughout your site.
The implementation of this technology can prevent late check-ins by sending cleaning confirmations directly to your reception, these confirmations include a fully audited cleaning account, ensuring nothing has been forgotten. 
Automated and immediate confirmations ensure guests have the option to check in early the moment their accommodation is ready and also prevents cleaning staff from coming in and out of reception to discuss progress.
This technology also provides us with the tools to report any maintenance issues directly to reception via an email alert, so issues will be resolved as and when the problem occurs.

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We use a SaaS (software as a system) cloud-based employee tracker to ensure we are in consistent communication with our mobile workforce. We keep conducive records of attendance at our geographically-designated locations, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. uAttend enables us to maintain records of which employee has been at each location and how long they spent there. It allows us to track employee’s attendance data from anywhere in the world. Once within the site location, our staff can begin to log their hours as they start to work.
This system ensures we are aware of exactly how many hours are being spent on your site to prevent you from being overcharged, providing accurate invoicing with thorough records for reference.

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Colour Coded Cleaning

The implementation of colour coded cleaning across all our sites enables us to conform to EHO codes of conduct, minimising the spread of germs from one area to another. The concept itself is simple enough, and the effect it has is paramount.
We use different coloured cleaning equipment, from cloths to mops and everything in-between, for all different areas within your site. Colour coding prevents cross-contamination between areas and increases the levels of hygiene across the site.
Colour coded cleaning was originally developed by the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) and is now widely adopted by cleaning companies. There are four core colours used to separate different zones, to stop the spread of germs from, for example, the bathroom, into areas where food is handled.
We have implemented colour coding at all our sites, across all sectors.  
Colour coding enables us to perform our cleaning duties to the highest standards achievable and ensures our clients are confident in the quality of the service we provide.

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