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Godfrey Group Facilities is an industry leader, offering unparalleled cleaning services to schools, offices, holiday parks, popular venues and shopping centres, as well as building and maintenance services to housing associations and estates.

We provide efficiency, reliability and professionalism across all services. We apply innovative technology ensuring nothing gets side-lined, and progress is reported electronically. We deliver fairness and equality, respect for ideas and bespoke training for each employee, to the specifications of our sites.

We are open to change and strive to develop past industry boundaries, embracing new technology to drive Godfrey Group Facilities forward, excelling in our respective market in ways other companies within the industry have not yet considered.

In light of the use of innovative technology and cutting-edge advancements, Godfrey Group Facilities holds integrity, honesty and a strong work ethic at its core. We believe in hard work and dedication, to give back to the community.

We employ and offer full training to apprentices, providing young people within the local community invaluable life skills. We provide opportunities for members of the community with disabilities, encouraging them to realise their potential and fuel their aspirations. We follow the Equality Act with a personal passion; rejecting discrimination from our place of work and encouraging equal opportunity.

As well as this, we employ staff who have experienced long-term unemployment through back to work agencies, offering those who are dependent on benefits sustainable employment to help them achieve a better standard of living and contribute to society.

At Godfrey Group Facilities, we firmly believe in the value of the community and strive to uphold this through our business policy and culture.

Our Mission, Policy & Culture: About

Our commitment to the principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015

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