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In the entertainment industry, first appearances are often everything. At Godfrey Group Facilities, we believe the same for entertainment venues and theatres. We look after a variety of local theatres and venues, ensuring they leave a lasting impression for the right reasons.

We provide highly trained staff and evaluate your venue, offering a bespoke service to fit your requirements. Godfrey Group Facilities is able to perform upholstery cleaning on-site, as and when this is required.

We have the ability to perform ad-hoc work, understanding the fluctuating demands of theatres and venues during peak times, such as Christmas and school holidays. We can increase our level of services to suit your needs.

We are also aware of the historical significance of many theatres and venues, taking great care in the work we do to ensure the maintenance, as well as cleanliness, of more established sites. We take extra care when cleaning venerable aspects of your theatres, nurturing these historic sites in the hope of prolonging their beauty and practicality.

Whether you own a small independent cinema or an opera house, you can be safe in the knowledge that Godfrey Group Facilities can provide a first-class service tailored to your needs.

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