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The importance of maintaining a clean and tidy office is paramount for any employer; it is no secret that a clean and tidy environment boosts productivity and improves the general well-being of employees, both mentally and physically.

An office is a representation of the business, and should, in turn, reflect the image you are trying to evoke. The image to suggest, to both current and prospective clients, is that your business is well cared for and that their custom will be treated with care as well. A clean and well looked after office suggests a well-run and cared for business.

Godfrey Group Facilities cleans a wide variety of office spaces, both large and small, UK wide. We can dedicate as many highly-trained staff as are required, to fit the necessities of your site, at hours to suit you.

Germs can spread with ease in a close working environment such as an office, with many people in tight proximity of one another. The spread of germs from surfaces such as desks, kitchen tops and bathrooms can be dramatically reduced; we adhere to colour coded cleaning systems ensuring optimum levels of hygiene across your site and a reduction in the risk of cross contamination from one area to the next.

This eliminates the risk of germs latching on to cleaning equipment and being spread around to alternative areas, ultimately reducing the spread to bacteria which can lead to sickness and absence of employees.

At Godfrey Group, we believe everybody should work in a comfortable and hygienic environment; we offer bespoke cleaning services to suit your business needs, at a time that is convenient for you and your staff. Whether your office is small, or eight storeys tall, with two kitchens and three bathrooms on every floor, Godfrey Group Facilities has the capacity to provide a first-class service, tailored to your needs.

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